We helps customers to tell about their products and services in the most interesting way for readers and effective for the advertiser.

Our audience

The core of The Daley Baby’s audience is pregnant women and mothers 25-44 years old. It is they who make most of the decisions related to the family budget, starting with the purchase of products and children’s things, ending with the choice of furniture and directions for vacation.

Our readers have an average income and above average and are active consumers of goods and services. The main long-term interests of our audience: literature and educational materials, family and children, tourism, business, cooking, cars, real estate, beauty and health. 72% of visitors to access the Internet from a smartphone.

Our formats

  • editorial material: article, interview, review or test drive;
  • site branding;
  • brand expert in an encyclopedia;
  • special project: promo-site, tests, game mechanics.